Environment Study

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Welcome to our Lenten studies. It is good that in our Anglican tradition we have this annual opportunity to reflect on our faith, and how we’re going with God in our life journey. There is much in our culture that encourages us to be, ‘Busy! Busy! Busy! Doing! Doing! Doing!’, so it is easy to lose sight of where we’re going, and what’s important to us. Lent is a period of six weeks where we can intentionally change that crazy rhythm: do some study and reflection, pray a bit more than we’ve been doing, and care for others in practical ways that may be costly.

Our Parish Mission is to ‘love God, love our neighbor, and love ourselves.’ It is a core Christian teaching, but usually when we think of ‘neighbour’ we think of the person who lives in the house next door! In the course of these studies I hope we can broaden that understanding of ‘neighbour’ to include the environment in which we live!?! alt (MORE...) -> Environmental Lent Study 2007