What we’re on about?

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In 2006 and 2007 we worked our way through a strategic planning process which introduced us to the language of mission and vision statements.  We prayed together and brain-stormed ideas and offered these statements to the Parish community:


What we are on about? (Purpose Statement)

We are a diverse Christian community who exist to love and serve God, our neighbours and ourselves.

Where we plan to be go? (Vision Statement)

Our vision is that we be and become a loving, growing Christian community where people of all ages, and from all parts of the world, can be nourished by challenging teaching, inspiring worship experiences, costly service and prayer.


Core Values

As this website is developed we will articulate more clearly the core values of our community but at this stage we want to affirm that we seek to be a community that prays, that welcomes, that learns, that serves, that cares and is creative.


Who we actively support

  • School Chaplaincies
  • 2 World Vision Children
  • ABM
  • Refugee and Migrant Support
  • PNG Relationships - We have a long history of relationship with the church in PNG and that has found expression through visits to PNG and visiting Priests from PNG (through the Encounter Programme).
  • Anglicare - weekly food donations, yearly cent sale, charity bins, Bargain shop, Christmas wrapping, yearly donation